Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Does Writing Euphoria Exist?

So, I'm training for my second full marathon. It's easier this time (knock on big ol' slab of wood). My goal is to train injury free... meaning no tendinitis, sore knee, pulled calf muscle, etc. etc. All my long runs are done on trails in the woods, which has significantly helped to keep all the aches and pains at bay. I've also finally reached what some runners call "running euphoria." No, I don't hallucinate and see margaritas up and down the trail while I run (although that would be great!) But I have reached a point where I am no longer breathing hard and feel like I can run forever, or until my legs collapse. It's really quite cool. I can, after an 18 mile run, stop and NOT be out of breath whatsoever! Of course my body is exhausted, but it's still really, really cool.

So my question is... does writing euphoria exist? Can I reach a point where I can write and write and write and not become mentally exhausted? And how do I reach that euphoria? 'Cuz seriously, I'd sign up... pronto.

In other news, Max is doing very well. We are treating his Cushing's Disease and he has his energy back, is happy and doesn't want to drink 50 gallons of water a day. Our son graduates from preschool in June. They do caps and gowns and everything. I think we are all seriously ready for a vacation. Two weeks after the marathon (it's on June 27) we are taking a two week vacation. This time no planes involved. Pure road trip, which should be fun. Of course I'll bring the laptop and get some writing done, and probably blog about the sites. Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, and all things Colorado. Yey!