Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blogging on the road

My sister suggested I blog from my phone while on our famous Griswold Family Vacation! So this is a test to see if I am actually technically saavy enough to do this. Geek alert!

-- Post From My iPhone

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

26.2 Miles Down and on to a Vacation

My sister gently reminded me that I have not blogged since before the marathon. So here are the highlights and lowlights from the Inaugural Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon as I remember them (some things I just block from my mind):

  • The picture to the right is a large bald eagle that calmly watched the 25,000 runners streaming by.
  • I think I trained well enough, but trail running doesn't translate well to reinforced concrete
  • Reinforced concrete is HARDER than normal roads
  • Running with 25,000 people is freakin energizing!
  • There were no bears on the route
  • The bands were fun
  • I had a sinus infection
  • I took a new antibiotic
  • Said antibiotic didn't agree with me and gave me stomach cramps
  • Said antibiotics made me dehydrated which resulted in muscle cramps
  • Salt packets from a bicycling medic solve muscle cramps
  • The Alaska Way Viaduct is veeery long
  • Completing a second marathon felt awesome
  • Seattle stepped up for this event!
  • At the end, ice was my friend and so was beer
This Friday, our little family is taking off on our Griswold Family Vacation... Yellowstone, Boulder, Steamboat Lake, Jackson, Grand Tetons, Big Sky and Glacier (pretty much in that order). It's the perfect blend of camping, staying with cousins, hotels and cabins. We are beside ourselves with excitement. This will be the first family vacation where we aren't flying somewhere or sticking to a certain schedule. If I can figure out how to blog from my iPhone, I'll post vaca updates here. I'll also be posting photos and status updates on Facebook at

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!