Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are You Climbing the Right Mountain?

I'm always intrigued when someone says "Follow your heart," "What does your head say?" Or "Go with your gut." Life is far more complicated than that. To make a decision that impacts your life, your future or the lives of others, I think there must be an understanding between head, heart and gut. No one part of you is going to get 100% of what it wants. Life doesn't operate on a single channel. 

I'm not an expert on life decisions. I've seen some good ones and some doozies. What I do know is we only get to live this life once, so we'd best make it count. Try and fail then try as many times as you can until you reach that harmonious agreement with the channels that make up your being.... Then work to keep the harmony. There is no shame in failure, only in failing to try and do what will make you smile when you reach the end of your life and look back. 

A friend once told me we should get up one more time than we've fallen down. I will add to this quote by saying when life smacks you down it might simply be telling you to climb in a different direction.

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