Monday, November 23, 2009

Holidays already. Really?

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! Can't believe the holidays are already here. And WHY do we say that every year? I guess as you get older, time passes more quickly. This year, I am amazed by a few things:

  • How ecstatic I was to see my son skip from house to house on Halloween, dressed as an adorable Harry Potter.
  • How annoyed I was to see several houses with Christmas lights on days after Halloween.
  • How crazy the world is right now (no explanation necessary. Think economy, random shootings, desperate people... you get the picture).

Things to contemplate... small town living, fresh starts, the importance of family.

Yeah, I am a sap around the holidays. We'll stuff ourselves on Thursday, decorate for Christmas on Friday and I get to run another marathon on Sunday. Yey!

Peace to all.